Dental Implants Leeds

When teeth are missing due to decay, an accident or for congential reasons several options available to patients in Leeds including bridges, dentures and dental implants, which can be put in place by your Leeds dental implantologist. An implantologist is a dentist that has a lot of experience in placing dental implants and can usually carry out more complex procedures such as bone grafing and sinus lifts. Dental implants can be used to replace either one tooth or multiple teeth that are missing.

Implants serve to function as an anchor or flase tooth root to hold either a crown or a bridge in place. In Leeds dental implants, are surgically placed into either the upper or lower jawbone and act as new roots for the lost tooth or teeth. Implants preserve the natural tooth structure unlike bridges. Dental bridges need to be physically anchored onto adjacent healthy teeth which thus need to be drilled and shapped. Tooth loss may occur for various reasons, such as decay, trauma, injury, or gum disease. Restorations that utilise dental implants are considered to be very aesthetic and life like, they often feel and function much more like natural teeth and more so than other types of tooth replacement such as traditional dentures or bridges. If you are missing a large number of teeth, multiple implants can be used to support either a partial denture or a full denture. When your dentist surgically places your new dental implants correctly, there is a 97% success rate of long-term retention, studies have shown that they last upto 25 years and beyond. With proper materials, procedures, and patient care the implants should last your entire life.

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