Dental veneers for smile makeovers in Leeds

One of the most smile transforming treatments available in Leeds are porcelain veneers which can give your teeth a whiter, more aligned and symmetrical look. Dental veneers can even fill in gaps between your teeth, known as diastimas.

Veneers are a thin shell of ceramic material (akin to a finger nail fitting over the front surface of your finger a veneer fits over your tooth) which is bonded to the outside surface of your tooth. In many cases, your natural teeth remain intact but they do require some and preparation to help the new veneers to adhere to the front surface better.

Some Leeds dentists offer the latest cerec dental veneers which are fabricated onsite by a robotic milling machine using the latest computerised technology. They are fitted on the same day as opposed to conventional veneers which can take up to 2 weeks if not longer to be made in an offsite dental laboratory. There are many different brands of dental veneers available in Leeds, including Mac veneers, lumineers, da vinci veneers as used by celebrity dentists on extreeme makeover, ultra thin lumineers, empress veneers all of which have their advantages and disadvantages which you can discuss with your dentist.

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