Dentures for the replacement of missing teeth in Leeds

Dentures dentists or denturists as they preffer to be called specialise in replacing your missing teeth with a set of false teeth on a bracket that fits into your mouth called a denture. if you dont have any of your own natural teeth or are missing a few teeth then you could benefit from dentures.

They help to maitain the shape of your cheeks and surrounding soft tissue and therefore can prevent the surrounding facial muscles from sagging making you look older than you are. There are many types of dentures that your Leeds dentist coud offer you depending on your case. Partial dentures are used to replace a few missing teeth, full dentures to replace a complete set of either upper or lower teeth. When you first have your dentures fitted they can feel uncomfortable and sometimes a little painful and this can take a little time to adjust to wearing them.

Dentures can be fixed using a special glue or fixative to hold them in place but they do have a tendancy to come out if you are eating tough foods such as apples. One way to hold dentures in place firmly is to use dental implants which securely hold your dentures in place. Dental implants can be expensive although in the long term it is well worth the expense. Some dental practices offer cosmetic dentures which are flexible and also do not have visible metal clips, these are known as Valplast flexible dentures.

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