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Invisible braces for teeth straightening in Leeds

With all the media attention in magazines and TV on a having a straighter perfect smile the people of Leeds and surrounding towns are turning to orthodontics, (a speciality of dentistry concerned with the alignment of the teeth and jaw bones) to achieve that perfect smile. For people with crooked teeth there is now an alternative to traditional metal braces and wires that everyone can see. Invisible braces are an option for prople who do not want everyone to notice that they are in treatment.

There are 2 main systems used in the UK for clear braces, those are Invisalign and clearstep. Invisalgn braces have been around for many years whereas clearstep is a newer company. However they both work using similar principles

Lingual Braces in Leeds
If you see a specialist orthodontist they can provide you with traditional metal braces that are fitted on the inner surface of your teeth, these "invisible braces" are known as lingual braces and can be used to treat almost any type of orthodontic case. With clear braces you are restricted and cannot treat severe orthodontic problems.

Invisalign & Clearstep braces in Leeds
These are clear plastic aligners that can be used to treat milder orthodontic problems. Both invisalign and clearstep aligners are worn every day for about 22 hours a day only to be removed for eating and cleaning your teeth. They are changed every 2 weeks and over a peroid of about 9-12 months they realign your teeth to give you a prefectly straight smile. Both Invisalign and clearstep are a popular treatment choice amonst adults in Leeds.

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