Tooth whitening for a brighter smile in Leeds

Everyone is looking for a bright white confident smile! These days everyone is flashing a dazzling white smile and teeth whitening in Leeds has become as common place as going to the salon for a cut and blow dry. Tooth whitening is now a procedure that can be achieved in a lunch hour and everyone in Leeds can benefit from whiter teeth. There are two main systems used; in-surgery tooth whitening and take-home prescirbed professional whitening kits. For the whitest possible smile Leeds dentists recommend using a combination of both systems.

Laser tooth whitening in Leeds
Using the latest laser whitening systems or non laser products your leeds dentist will protect your gums and then apply a bleaching agent to the surface of your teeth. This is then left on for about an hour to an hour and a half with a special light (laser) which activates the bleaching gel and your teeth become a few shades whiter. There are many different teeth whitening systems available such as Zoom2, Zoom advanced power, Britesmile, opalescence and enlighten, some claim to be better than other but your Leeds dentist will be able to advice you on the pros and cons of each system. The Enlighten teeth whitening systemis a deep bleaching system and is the only system that effectively whitens tetracycline stained teeth.

Home Teeth whitening kits in Leeds
A home whitening kit given to you by your dentist allows you to to carry out the process at home, this gives a more gradual and longer lasting whitening and helps you to keep on top of your whitening without visiting the dentist every 2 weeks. Using a combination of in suregery and home whitening is the key to a dazzling whitesmile.

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