Tooth whitening for a brighter smile in Leeds

White fillings to replace old metal fillings in Leeds

White fillings in Leeds or tooth coloured fillings are a popular an inexpensive way to greatly improve the cosmetic look of your smile especially if you have large unsightly metal or amalgam fillings. White composite fillings have many advantages over metal fillings.

Composite resin tooth colored fillings look natural with a translucent tooth-like appearance and can be mixed to match any color of the tooth by your Leeds dentist. With Leeds white fillings less of the natural tooth structure needs to be drilled away, which maintains more of the strength and integrity of the natural tooth. Composite resin strengthens the tooth that is filled because the composite resin actually bonds within the tooth structure. Composite resin fillings rarely have areas of the tooth that are thin or weak, so that cusps rarely fracture off. White fillings do not conduct heat and therefore do not expand and contract with heat and cold in your mouth, unlike metal fillings. Composite fillings do not have any unbounded area between tooth and filling to allow moisture and bacteria to enter and cause decay and aide fractures.

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